Clergy Cautions Christians on Materialism


By Samuel Oyejola


With the rush for material gains especially among Christian faithful in Nigeria, they have been advised to put more attention on God while noting that those who are too busy for God have been described as being under satanic spell.


A catholic priest, Revered Father Asue Emmanuel of the Saint Michael Catholic parish, Gboko Diocese said this while delivering sermon at the Church of Assumption, Asokoro of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja on Sunday.


No matter the challenge facing any Christian, the clergy said that God has good plans for all individuals. He enjoined all to focus on God not on their human capacity. “Pay attention to God. Don’t be tired of waiting for the promised blessing. Only those who pay attention to God can access the promised blessing,” he said.


While stressing that some Christians would continue to struggle financially with little result to show he said that those who do not pay attention to God, it would appear God is not paying attention to them.


“When you go all out in pursuit of money and forget about God, you will not get it. When you go out to pursue your money, always put God first and remember him.


“You may go about looking for money but remember, money is not everything. Let money not take your attention off God. You will get to a point in life that with all your money you will still need God” he said.


Fr. Emmanuel warned them to give their attention to God in order to prevent their lights from going off like the biblical foolish virgins who missed the meeting with the bridegroom.


He pointed out that Matthew, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ was a rich man but had to leave everything to follow Jesus Christ. He advised them to emulate Matthew and not place worldly things above love for God.


“No matter what whether you like it or not, you will spend your money. It is either you spend it for God or on your ill health.”


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