Benue Zone B Senatorial Seat Is As Good As Vacant – Elijah Fave


From Elijah Fave, Makurdi


I had all along refrained from joining the multitude of those fasting, praying fervently and mourning pressure on Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Yisa Orker Jev to run for the Benue North West Senatorial Seat come 2019.


The simple reason is that I am from the Benue North East Senatorial District of Benue State.


But after a thorough engagement yesterday at my Ikpayongo satellite home in Gwer East where the Congress had unanimously lamented the lack of effective and rewarding representation at the hallowed Chambers of the Senate. I felt guilt that as a deeply committed and avid patriot, the future will be harsh to me for standing on the fence, hence my submission.


The first submission is that Benue North West Senatorial District otherwise known as Zone ‘B’ has been very unfortunate to produce an upright and exceptional representative to the Senate since the advent of democracy in 1999.


In the beginning, a smoking parrot was in the Senate but could only make noise in the press advocating for military take-over.


Then, a medic who, with all modesty, could be at the bar while legislation was going-on in the chambers. On his untimely death, he was succeeded by a confused retired custom officer who could hardly know his colleagues before the expiration of his tenure.


For three consecutive terms, the lot fall on a former governor of Benue State who has continue to warm the Zone ‘B’ Senate Seat without impact even as a former Minority Leader.


Zone ‘B’ presence and voice in the Senate is completely lost and this is just but the Gospel Truth.


For instance, at the inauguration of the critical 8th Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, nobody was there to represent the Zone when roll call was taken and it has continued that way up till date.


To the best of my understanding, the Zone ‘B’ Senate Seat is as good as vacant even as I write.


To fill the vacant seat, it requires a disciplined, selfless, humane, committed, principle, intelligent, imaginative, bold, hardworking and thoroughly versatile and knowledgeable personage with thick idea of the odious representation that has come to hunt Zone ‘B’ over the years.


I believe that the representation comes with performance. It cannot be fabricated.


Happily, a worth asset of Nigeria is handy and the patriotic people of Zone ‘B’ yearning qualitative representation and effective legislations are in one accord that come 2019, it is JEV DIRECT.


As a resident of 17 years standing, I am also in agreement with the ACCORD CONCODIALE.



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