President Jonathan’s Legacy

Congratulations to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan on the success of the March 28th General Elections. The out- going president has indeed earned the respect of all Nigerians and the world for conceding defeat to Gen. Muhammad Buhari of the APC. Many have  said  that act diffused the already  tensed political situation in the land and saved […]

A Word for the President-elect

As the dust begin to simmer over the historic victory of the Kastsina born resilient General cum politician at the March 28 presidential poll, it is impossible not to note the rise of certain issues which have to do with the president-elect  and Nigeria as a nation. Before those are discussed, a big congratulations to […]

The change Nigerians want

Chigozie Effe writes on the daunting task ahead of the President-elect as Nigerians look forward to the dividends of their support to the retired General turned civilian president. On  May 29, Nigeria’s   political history will witness an epochal phase with the  transition in power from an  incumbent President  Goodluck Jonathan to an opposition flagbearer, retired […]