Coalition Group Advise Nigeria against Nuclear Energy Development


By Time Nigeria


A coalition group has called on the federal government and all African leaders to discourage the use of nuclear energy or the test of nuclear weapon on the continent.


According to the group, nuclear energy and nuclear weapon is harmful to humanity and should be prohibited. The coalition charged leaders in Africa to align against the development of nuclear power on the continent in whatever form.


The coalition made up of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Religious for Peace International, Africa Council of Religious Leaders and the Interfaith Youth Network of Nigeria argued the development of nuclear power has caused more evil than good to humanity.


The spokesperson of the coalition, Rev. Fr. John Okonkwo told Time Nigeria that the development of nuclear energy or weapon is unnecessary and far from being an innocent cause.


According to him, “research shows that nuclear development especially nuclear weapon is dangerous to human health. It just not end the time it is used. It has a chain reaction and implication.”

He said that instead of developing nuclear energy to generate power, effort should be put in place to encourage the solar energy which is natural and not harmful to humanity.  “The energy from the sun is not yet maximize,” Okonkwo said, “what happen to the solar energy? What happen to the hydro energy? If we tap into these areas it would benefit us.”


The group challenged African leaders to work towards attaining world peace and peaceful development of every part of the world.


“We need to build an environment where people can live, happy and find joy. If we use nuclear weapon against ourselves it would not bring about peace. It would bring tension and health crisis.


“Nigeria must be firm against it. We do not need to give in to it. When the effect occur it would affect us. We must be firm about the use of nuclear energy and weapon.”


The United Nations adopted the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in July this year while50 countries including Nigeria signed the treaty in September. Algeria, Cape Verde, South Africa and Malawi are among the fourteen other African countries that have signed the treaty.


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