Ecuador Ambassador Tasks Youth on Corruption Check


By Samuel Oyejola


Nigerian youths have been advised to join the fight against corruption in the country by being interested in the fiscal transparency of public institutions. He noted that, doing this would curb corruption and financial wastage of public funds.


The ambassador of Ecuador to Nigeria, Leopoldo Rovayo Verdesoto gave this advice when he spoke at a Youth dialogue organized by the Young Journalists Forum in Abuja recently.


He said that being interested in how the Nigeria’s commonwealth is expended would ensure development of the country.


While making his presentation at the event, the National Coordinator of the Young Journalists Forum, Comrade Chukwuma Nzeh decried the desperation of Nigerian youths for material gains. He observed that the uncontrolled urge push them into anti social vices.


“Young Nigerians have been made vulnerable by the realities of our time, evident in the desperation by most young Nigerians, who in the quest to seek greener pastures, by travelling through dangerous means, desert, open boats on the high sea, online scams among others.


Nzeh urged young Nigerians to utilize the Freedom of Information Act 2011, to ask question on how resources are utilized.





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