IVM: Gracing Nigeria roads

“So far they are made in Nigeria the Federal Government would buy…” this pronouncement by former President Goodluck Jonathan marked the turning point in the automobile industry and the launching of the National Industrial Revolution Policy.

Innoson motors hit the ground running with various automobiles to keep Nigeria and Nigerians on indigenous wheels of strong and durable vehicles.

With the array of durable busses, elegant and gracefully built IVMG5 SUVs and IVM6490A Saloons, INNOSON motor company is actively supporting the industrialization policy of the Federal government with its plants in the south east part of the country and a nationwide network of distributors.

From SUVs, saloons, to costal and public buses, INNOSON Motors has a product for all strata of Nigerians without drilling hole in the pockets.

The IVM6540, IVM660A, IVM6800, to IVM3330 and IVM5000 are build with Nigeria road network in view. The ruggedness and elegance of these vehicles makes it perfect with accurate precision of Nigeria road network, INNOSON knows Nigeria and think Nigeria with these products.

IVMG5, IVM6490A are SUVs

No doubt, the company has in a short while prove critics of the policy of the government wrong that such automobile cannot be produce in Nigeria.

Customers are already testifying to the durability and cost friendly maintain advantage they drive from IVM motors

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