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Micheal Tolulope Sunmonu is a gospel artist who is called to the ministry to remind Christians and all human being of their reason on earth,  that is to worship God. He spoke with Samuel Oyejola about his calling and his latest project. Excepts


Tell us about your inroad into the music ministry?


It has not been easy initially; I did not know it was what God called me for. As a youth I find myself in almost every department. The music thing started since I was a teenager but professionally I started four years ago, and I have been receiving invitation to minister in various places.



I was in rehearsal in 2014 in my fellowship at Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA) and we were preparing for a concert. We were making mistakes but in that same mistake was when God gave me my first release, “I Live To Worship You”. I was with my phone and I recorded it. Later during my quiet time I took my phone and was listening to it and God said I should pick it up and work on it.



By 2014 December the song was ready and we ministered live in Pastors’ Seed Forum Programme in Niger state and RCF in 2015. Meanwhile God was telling me to do more but I did not know what to do. Fortunately we had PSF concert in Central Parish in 2016 and I sang the song. My coordinator, T-Worship told me to take the song to the studio and work on it. By the grace of God we release the official version in November 2016, and I was receiving invitations.



I remembered what God told me that I should remind everybody the reason why God created us. He created us for his pleasure and his pleasure is praise and worship.


Do you have any musical project?


Presently, am working on my first music project titled “I Live to Worship Album”. I have released five of it online. Presently I have about 8 tracks in the studio. God has been so faithful in all. It should be out before the end of the year but all is according to the will of God. God called me to the ministry then I make sure I am guided by his words. God gave the songs.


What do you intend to achieve all through your music career?


I intend to follow the message he gave me. That is to remind the world of what we live to do for God. Do what you do because of God and all other thing will fall in place. Also, to help those who have lost their way of focus to find it like I was. I was into many things until God directed me to focus on music. If God can help find my focus then I am using the music to help those that have lost focus. There is nothing that you are looking for that is not in Him, it is to help those that have lost their way and to remind them of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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