On Obatosu, Don Wanni and the Benue killers


By Samuel Oyejola


Nigeria woke to the news of the killing of Oluchi Igwedibia aka Obatosu, the younger brother to the now killed notorious cultist, Don Wanny, the mastermind of Omoku killings. Reports stated that Obatosu was trailed to Sabo Iyakpe in Etsako West of Edo State where he was killed. The killing is no doubt a commendation to the efforts of the Nigerian security forces to ensure that lives of Nigerians and foreigners in the country are secured.


Governor Nyelsom Wike had in response to the bloodshed vowed to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book. He also declared N200m compensation for anyone with useful information on the perpetrators. This commitment, (though rear in our setting) portrays the universal attitude of a leader who has the interest of his followers at heart. No sane political leader would tolerate enemies of the state (especially those against the security) have field day in his domain.


The killing of Don Wanny and some of his associates is commendable as a swift response by the state and the federal government. Should Nyelsom Wike declare his intention to run for Presidency in 2019 I would consider casting my vote for him on this basis.


What is the essence of having a leader that would face the other side when wanton killing is perpetrated unabated by some groups on law abiding citizens of the country? Do some citizens have stronger rights that others lack? Perhaps!


On the flipside, the killing of the Obatosu and Don Wanny should ordinarily come as a good development considering the bloodshed that was carried out the first day in 2018. It however calls for more questioning on the modus operandi of our security forces.


One would have expected that the operation would go for arrest and proper prosecution to serve as deterrents to others. Alas! Our security forces decide to go the Jack Bauer way.


The security of lives and properties of citizens is very important it should not be negotiated for anything. However security agencies in the country should be cautioned on killings that are hasty and could add more to the problems of insecurity in the country.


I wonder why our security forces would carry out operation with minimal regards to history. Had Mohammed Yusuf been alive today, perhaps Boko Haram would not have escalated to what it is.


Pointedly, no Nigerian would support the Omoku killing in Rivers state yet the murder of the mastermind and perpetrators lives one to ponder on the dangerous evolution of our security agencies. We must not forget so quick the killing of Mohammed Yusuf and the escalation of the boko haram militants to terrorists.


If the killers in Rivers can be hunt down with haste, no reports of the killings in Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa, Kaduna and others have suggested that the killers are invincible or ghost. Equal commitment and genuine dispensation of responsibility should be widespread irrespective of the region or state.


The so called herdsmen have by their actions in recent times declared war on Nigerians that are not their kin. Why would a community be ravage by a visiting gang of killers and the government would act incapacitated to deal with the situation. It is either the government is an accomplice or the government is handcuffed while this gang boldly dangles the key.


The Buhari-led government should tame the ravaging killers under the guise of cattle rearers. There was no deployment of the Inspector General of Police to Rivers State to Rivers state before Obatosu and Don Wanny were payback with their own coin. The gruesome killing of Nigeria Police personnel and other security agents in Benue points to the fact that the mere presence of the IG would do little to control the situation.


What is missing is sincere commitment of the federal government to secure the lives and properties of all Nigerians.

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