Senator Ben Bruce alleges threat to life


By Samuel Oyejola


As the politicking for the 2019 general elections gathers momentum the senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district in National Assembly, Senator Ben Murray Bruce has alleged threat to his life.


The senator took to his tweeter handle early on Thursday to draw attention of Nigerians.


According to the post on his twitter handle, the senator said “Received these texts from an unknown number. With what has been happening in Nigeria in the last few years, and with the fact that I don’t move about with security, let me use this medium to alert Nigerians and the international community of a possible threat to my life.”


The message posted on his handled reads “sir can I have 5 min of your time, it is important Senator Bruce.” The timing of the message shows 6:34pm while the next one sent at 6:59pm reads; “sir it is very import I speak with you urgently, right now if possible, I am sorry to disturb your peace sir.”


The last message which was supposedly sent to the senator at around 7:07pm reads; “Sir luv u so much and u are my mentor, I want you to be free from Fulani or headsmen, dey are planning to attack u. I want to discuss with you about dier plan”.


The senator who has been hard on the Buhari-led executive on the issues of herdsmen senseless attacks across the country had at the flour of the Senate Chamber called for the Senate President to take the role of the President of the country.


At the plenary Senator Bruce said, “It seems to me that Nigeria is becoming a lawless country, a country with no rules and regulations, a country where laws are not adhered to. A country where there is no consequence for bad behavior. We have a government, security agents, or we don’t.


“These are the fundamentals issues at stake today because every day since we have gotten here someone has gotten killed, raped, throat slit, killed at gun point and every day we have resolutions and nothing is being done.


“If the FG wants to run a red chamber, then let us appoint the Senate President to be the President of Nigeria. Let us do the job of the executive because it doesn’t make any sense.


“Everyday we deal with all these issues. Babies are being brought into this world with no future. As soon as they grow up they pick up an AK 47 and start killing fellow human beings. All we do is talk, talk, talk, talk.


“The Minister of Defence should tell us what he is doing; if the cabinet is incompetent then we should fire them. You don’t understand this. Maybe cameras should go and see these dead bodies.


“Maybe NBC should change its laws and go and see these bodies as if we are in Liberia or Cameroun. We are becoming a barbaric nation with no respect for life. The executive should speak today and explain to Nigerians what is happening in this country.


“If Saraki is the only one interested let him becomes the President of Nigeria and that solves the problem. We cannot continue like this. We either fix this problem or everybody should shut up and resign from public office.


“There must be consequence for bad behaviour. You are either in control or you are not. The ministers in charge should resign, Nigerians involved should be fired or resign otherwise they should be impeached. For Nigerians to be killed like cattle it is not acceptable to be invaded by foreign mercenaries and all we do is have conversations, enough is enough.”


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