Probing the ‘Catechism’ of Economic Diversification

From Kayode Abdulazeez, Ilorin A diversified economy is that which  has  different revenue streams and provides nations with the ability for sustainable growth. Diversification provides nations with the security and reliability that they need should  one economic revenue stream  fail as currently being witnessed in Nigeria. Now that Nigeria’s economy has gotten  to the dire […]

2015: The Religion Joker

By Abdul Rahma Aliagan When the well-known political theorist, Leo Strauss, turned attention to the issue of politics and religion in his reflections, he presented it as a problem—the “theologico-political problem.” He probably had Nigeria in mind as religion,  and  perhaps its underpinnings,  have become  paradoxically  a portent  danger as well as  magical elixir  to be […]