Welcome to our world!

The  overwhelming power of the media  in moulding  public opinion is recognised all over the world.

Indeed, so critical  is the role of the media that the constitutions of many liberal democracies go to great length  to protect this institution widely considered the “ watchdog of society.’’
This “watch dog role’’ as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of  Nigeria under “ Fundamental Objectives and Directive  Principles of State Policy’’ is at the heart of the emergence of Time Nigeria Magazine,  a general interest publication committed to the finest ideals of journalism.
With its corporate headquarters in Abuja, the nation’s capital city, the magazine will strive to bridge the  information gap through incisive reports anchored on the inviolable ethos of  investigative journalism.

We promise the Nigerian people a credible medium that would promote human rights, equity  and social justice while ensuring media access to all without prejudice to gender as well as ethnic and religious leanings.

This maiden edition with the cover, 2015: The Religion Joker, focuses on  the manipulative deployment   of religious sentiment  and the increasing influence  of faith-based institutions in political succession.

Inspite of the collapse of public infrastructure and institutions, there are still agencies that give cause for cheer and this edition looks at the remarkable story on the National Primary Health Development Agency as it attempts to bring some sort of sanity into healthcare delivery.

From the shocking corruption saga rocking YabaTech through the failure of democracy in Bwari, the laid back local council in the FCT, and on to the triumph of the human spirit in Ordinary Isah’s Brekete family programme, there is certainly something for every curious eye.

Welcome to our world!

About Time Nigeria

Time Nigeria is a general interest Magazine with its headquarters in Abuja, the nation’s Capital.


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