Young filmmakers should not pursue money—Ogunsanya

He is a young film maker that has  many awards to his credit both nationally and internationally. In this exclusive chat with Adenike Adelodun,  he shared his life’s  experiences and what motivates his desire to be a film maker. Excerpts:

Who is  Ogunsanya?

My name is Abimbola Ogunsanya; I am the son of the late music producer in NTA (Yomyem). I trained as a cameraman way back at NTA and was trained professionally as a film maker by Tunde Kelani.

What was the experience like growing up to be a filmmaker?

It was born out of passion. My life has been a story from my first day in this world and l see everything around from a movie point of view. I never knew my Mum till l became 11, Lived with my dad and step Mum, I lost my Dad at the age of 14. Life became scenes to me, the world became my stage, I tell stories of both women and children. The good and the bad sides. These things which most film makers don’t want to talk about are what you see in some of my works. I make short films, documentary and feature films. Won awards locally and internationally. I beat most film makers with my films when we meet in competitions or film festivals because most of what I recreate in my films I have felt those conditions or lived in it before writing it in my story.

For how long have you been  in the film making industry?

This is my 20th year in the industry, I shoot and make films, my films are rated high, and when I shoot for people it becomes a blockbuster.

How would you  rate the film industry so far?

The industry is improving on a high speed than what it was before; we make good films that are meaningful compared to what it was then.

Where do you see the Nigerian film industry in the next five years?

I see the Nigeria film industry taking over the world in the next two years not five  because a cue into the last MNET viewer’s choice award shows the level of advancement in the industry, the films awarded are proudly Nigerian.

Aside being a film maker, what other things do you do?

I do direct television shows, Like Miliki Express on Orisun, a cable TV station on Startimes.

What are the qualities you look at before accepting a proposal to make a film?

Nice story line, freedom to pick my choice of actors and actresses, total freedom to tell the story my own way and good funding!

Is Abimbola married, and for how long?

Yes! I have been married for eight years now.

What keeps you going in the industry, since it’s a highly competitive environment?

My vision and mission, I am very passionate when it comes to my job and I will keep making film at my very best till God says its time.

Your advice for upcoming film makers?

They should have passion for making good films and not making money at first. They should get trained by the  best hands in the industry.

Your take on the just concluded presidential election, and do you really think change is possible with the President elect?

It’s only God that will give answers  that question for now.

Thanks for your time.

You are most welcome.

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