Buhari Government Must Be Closer To People — IPAC boss

As the immediate past Chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC),  what values did it portend  for the Nigerian political class?

The Interparty Advisory Council was  set up to look into the behavioral aspect of the political parties,  that is, as regards  violence free and credible elections and how we conduct ourselves in the public, showcasing the good side of the political democratic tendency that we are supposed to have in Nigeria.

Can it be said that Nigeria’s  democracy is on course?

A lot have been achieved I must confess but a lot is yet to be achieved. There have been a steady growth in political rivalry, and we wish only that it could extend and improve on what has already being achieved especially in the area of taking care of the political parties.

Nigeria is yet to subscribe to independent candidacy, yet party supremacy is a bone of contention in the National Assembly. What is your take on this?

I am an advocate of party supremacy. But the truth about it is that when the party is supreme you need to take care of the people that are within, because it is actually the people that make the party. Without the people there won’t be political party.

Was there any intervention from your office when you were the chair of IPAC in the NASS crisis?

In my capacity, then, as the chairman of IPAC,  I advised.

There are those saying the Acting Chair of INEC, Amina Zakari,  is occupying the office illegally.

She is there in an acting capacity for six months until when she is  confirmed.

You mean the same process of appointment of a substantive INEC Chairman is not necessarily the same an Acting Chairman should follow no matter the circumstances?

No, no, no, no.! Acting is a different case with regards to the appointment of a substantive chairman,  however if she is to become substantive,  it is a different ball game entirely.

In an attempt to get his best eleven the president is on the search for people of impeccable character, do you think this voyage is realistic?

Well, I share his sentiment and I share his view, he needs to be very sensitive and diplomatic.

Nigeria is operating multi-party system but with what played out during the last general elections,  can we comfortably say Nigeria is ready for a two party system?

The truth about it is that many people are being kind of hoodwinked to believe that there are two political party systems in the world, not even in America, not even in Britain, not even in Benin Republic here that has nine million population and 150 political parties. Multi-democratic systems flourish and help the democracy to move.

General advice

This present government has made a lot of promises to the Nigerian people. Nigerian people are very impatient. But the  truth is that this government needs to be closer to the people.

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