President Jonathan’s Legacy

Congratulations to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan on the success of the March 28th General Elections. The out- going president has indeed earned the respect of all Nigerians and the world for conceding defeat to Gen. Muhammad Buhari of the APC. Many have  said  that act diffused the already  tensed political situation in the land and saved a lot of blood from being shed.

This cannot be more true as evidently, both rival parties had prepared for battle with Nigeria being the stage and Nigerians the proposed victims. But thank God the Ijaw man saw beyond himself and the present. He never set out to be president when he entered into politics in the first place, rose un- predictably to the highest political position in the most populated black  nation in the world (with its very volatile political terrain). He  had almost six years of rule.

What more could he ask for than to leave office honourably. Jonathan will live to see himself more popular out of office than while he held sway at Aso Rock. His action should be emulated by all politicians across the length and breadth of this country for this will not only ensure peace in the land but also encourage development both political and economic. Jonathan has done Nigeria an eternal services. A sacrifice that not only saved Nigeria’s unity but also avoided the country’s little neighbors from being overwhelmed if there was general crisis.

One of Jonathan’s services which has not been so heralded but which was contained in his message immediately after defeat is  his conduction of a credible election. It is common in Nigeria to hear that a ruling party rigged election or interfered with the activities of a supposed independent electoral body. There are always complaints and protests that elections have been widely compromised.

But that it not so with the just concluded presidential  and national assembly election. President Jonathan obviously distanced himself from   the electoral body allowing it to do its job independently. Even when members of his party  the PDP asked for the sack of the electoral chairman alleging a collusion between Jega (INEC chairman) and the principal rival party APC  to work against him. The man maintained his cool, went ahead to contest election and did very well, over twelve million votes, impressive!. That record (credible election) is yet to be set by past leaders since 1999.

Little wonder Jonathan accepted defeat before the election was declared finished. It is believed that decision was a Jonathan decision and not a PDP one. As a matter of fact, there are indications that members of the party-PDP are still annoyed with him for giving in so quickly. To some others, it seems Goodluck Jonathan was tired of the presidency and was willing to bow out. He may have thought another four years in office might be too tumultuous for him. Talking about Boko Haram ( although he dealt decisively with that in the last six weeks before the election), the United States backing Buhari perhaps because Jonathan looked to Russia for arms and ammunition when the latter refused Nigeria sale of same.

For whatever reason Jonathan took the action he did, it is for the good of this great country Nigeria. So, up Goodluck Jonathan, Up Nigeria, Up peace and stability.

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