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What makes a house “Tush”?  Could it be the paints, canvasses on the walls, burglaries or the security gadgets around the building? No doubt, all of these add to the tush-ness of a house, nevertheless, the elegance and royal of the furniture give the true definition of the house.

For your home interior, Alibert Product Nigeria Limited carves with immerse passion and absolute persistence, the perfect character of your dream furniture. Call it furniture, Alibert Product Nigeria Limited have the right picture you have in mind in their various stores in Abuja, Lagos and Accra Ghana.

Alibert Product Nigeria Limited remains one of the largest family owned furniture manufacturers in West Africa with dedicated specialty in the production of home, office, school and hotel furniture. With an immense factory spread over a 20,000 square meters property in Ikotun-Egbe, the furniture are produced with absolute consciousness of quality control and strong commitment to high business standards and principles of quality.

No doubt the company is high on speed in progression amongst top ranking African furniture in annual sales. Showrooms in Ghana and Nigeria and a developing export activity to Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger are evidences of this.

Making modern design furniture available to the urban-minded shopper, offering customized, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories remain a unique selling point for Alibert Product Nigeria Limited.

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